Key Staff

Space Coast Endoscopy Center’s well-organized team of RNs, LPNs, techs and front office personnel keep quality care at the forefront of a busy daily schedule. Our nurses come from a variety of backgrounds including GI, operating rooms, emergency rooms, general hospital floors, physician’s offices and outpatient care. From the smiles and jokes to the teaching and loving care of each patient, the staff works alongside our physicians to ease anxiety and make your visit a comfortable one.

Anesthesia services are provided by AmSurg Rockledge FL Anesthesia, LLC. We use Diprivan/propofol for sedation, which is an excellent anesthetic for GI procedures. Diprivan allows for safe, quick induction of anesthesia and wears off quickly. This allows you to be awake for the discussion with the physician soon after your test. Although you will feel awake, you will still need to have someone drive you home.

Additional Staff